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Well, i’m a huge fan of the Nostalgia Critic, and the Nostalgia Chick, and i wanted to do a video blog similar to theirs, but talking about good films and tv shows, and possibly ones people wouldnt have seen or heard of otherwise. However, i’m a student, and i cant afford a camera. So, you got a text blog… yay? Anyway, i’ll start with a simple list, and hopfully, another list next week… and then shit starts! So without further adieu:

 Top ten favourite movies:

10: Freaks

This is the movie that introduced me to real cinema. When I saw this at age 8, that was it, I knew my obsession with cinema had begun.

Plus, it’s one of the few old films, that, even almost 100 years after it’s release, still manages to be scary, and actually keep people creaped out, to the point that it’s still a 15, while other movies from that time period being moved to PG’s and U’s. Seriously, go check it out, it’s awesome!

9: Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Damn, I loved this movie! The darkest of the Disney movies, and in my opinion the best. It has the best opening, the best plot, and the greatest villain song in Disney history, with the highly controversial ‘Hellfire’, which involved murder, sexual obsession, and religious debate.

All under the name of the wholesome (ish) name of Disney. This is probably also the only disney film to involve:

the attempted murder of an infant and torture. I say attempted… I’m not forgetting about Finding Nemo, or Tarzan. But that was actually accomplished. Frollo Failed!

8. Cabin in the woods

Come on! How can you not love this film? It’s the perfect analysis of horror movies as a whole, with a really nice apocalyptic twist. It’s dark, it’s funny, and has moments that genuinely are scary. I still cant look at that damn clown with a knife.

Seriously, i cant. Plus, i dont think i can ever look at unicorns quite the same way again, they’ve gone from enchanting to just fucked up. The films main benifit, is that it’s written by nerd god Joss Whedon, which just makes anything better. Anything. Even the Avengers movie… sort of (Didnt love it as much as everyone else did… dont kill me!)

7. Red State

Goddamn this is awesome! Seriously, it’s completely badass! It’s a clever satire on extremist religious groups such as the westboro Baptist church. The main characters are developed well… well the ones that live anyway, with quite interesting psychological looks at the main bad guy, which includes possibly the creepiest ending, with him monolouging in his prison cell (sorry, i know, spoilers!).

Seriously, It creeped me the fuck out!

6. The Talented Mr Ripley

This is one of those films that, when I read the plot and actors, I knew I was gonna love it. This is one of the few films, that has managed to meet my high expectations, and actually sort of exceeded it. The plot was interesting, the characters were fleshed out, and actually had me giving a crap about them.

Plus, like the majority of the top five, this did get me choked up at the end, mainly because I genuinely didn’t see it coming, and it genuinely shocked me. But seriously… How did only two people figure this guy out? And why didn’t he waste the chick that found him out? He killed the other one? What, did her gender make her immune to death?

5. American Beauty

This movie was just amazing. It was trippy, it was touching, and managed to hold the whole ‘murder mystery in reverse’ surprisingly well. It also seems to have sympathetic characters, even the despicable ones. Seriously, there were no characters that I hated, and none that I didn’t have at least a tiny bit of sympathy for. I guess the only character I didn’t have as much sympathy for, was the character of Janey, the mains daughter.

But that might be because she was the stereotypical, angst teen arch type, which we’ve all seen a million times, and it’s the only reason this isn’t higher on the list, because it’s the one stereotype the movie had. But, other than that, the movie was near perfect, having one of the greatest climaxes I have ever seen in a movie.

4. Repo: The Genetic Opera

The Grave robber.

Need I say more? Oh… I do? Fine. This rock opera had a surprisingly controversial storyline (which was later ripped off by Jude Law and Forest Whittiker… seriously… go look up the movie repo, exact same plot without the music) The acting in the movie was perfect, especially Anthony Head as the Repo Man

managing to portray the split personality of both the caring, gentle father, and the blood thirsty psycho path, who seems almost giddy about what he does, which results in the campest song in the film ‘Thankless Job’. How often do you get to growl/sing a song about straight up murder? It’s awesome! But, the best part of this movie, has to be writer Terrance Zdunich as the Graverobber, a punk, fur wearing, scamp like drug dealer/pimp, who acts as a narrator to the story, and a sort of guide for our main character, a terminally ill girl played by current hottie Alexa Chung, and in my opinion, this is the movie where she began to reach her peak of hotness, which in my opinion, officially hit when she Played the Woe Maiden in the next film done by Terrance Zdunich, The Devils Carnival, which was a close 11 on this list. But seriously, this film is a lot of fun, and had me crying my eyes out at the end, which has one of the most beautiful scenes in cinema history, which I wont spoil for you now, but trust me, it’s worth a look.

3. Otto; Or Up With Dead People

Wow, where do I even start with this movie? This is a bizarre movie, one of the weirdest I have ever seen, but in the most amazing way possible. It has some of the most impressive scenes in a film, and one of the smartest stories ever.

There really isn’t much I can say about this, without spoiling the major twist at the end, which sucks, because I really don’t want to ruin such a perfect reveal. So, this is all I’ll say on the movie, and hope that the intrigue of a perfect twist inspires you to watch it. Seriously… Do it now! Like right now!



2. Funny Games (the remake)

Yes, a remake has made this list. This remake was just pure awesome, with probably Michael Pitt’s greatest role to date, as a civilised psychopath, intent of torturing a family.

Brady Corbet is a little less impressive, but still as amazing a character as Michael Pitt’s character. The shooting of this film deserves a special mention, as it opts to not go for just pure clichéd camera close ups, but instead, at times opts to shoot random images, while we hear the action that’s going on. Plus… those forth wall breaks. They really do work in the movies favour, and are rather creepy in certain scenes. Like seriously, I actually thought the guy was gonna come through the TV and kill me. This film was one of the rare times I have ever preferred a re make to the original, and really did leave an impression on me when I saw it.

1. La Chansons Da’moure (Love Songs)

This film is fucking perfect! Seriously, there was nothing wrong with this movie, it was just perfect! The acting was amazing, the songs were well written and expressive (oh… Did I not mention this was a musical? Yeah, it’s a musical)

, and the main character is one of the few grief stricken males that you don’t want to strangle, because he doesn’t react in the stereotypical way. He actually reacts to death in a surprisingly realistic fashion, and has an amazing story to it, cut up into three parts. Plus… the ending. The fucking ending! This ending has made me crying my eyes out, and has one of the best musical finales I have ever heard! (musicals is another list for another day) and, because I feel I need to point this out: Louis Garrel is a fucking treasure! Seriously, I’ve seen some of his other movies since I saw this movie, and the guy is amazing! Specifically in Ma Mere

which was directed by the same guy, and worth a look… but just know, there is a song in there, a very well known western song, that you will never listen to in quite the same way after seeing it, but I’m getting off track. This movie is sweet, it’s beautiful, both visually and emotionally, and is basically a love letter to the new wave films of the 60’s, specifically ‘The Umbrellas of Cherborg’, which Christophe Honre (the director) admitted was the main inspiration for the film. A classic tale about love, loss, and the fluidity of sexuality, this is the perfect film to set your heard ablaze, and have you reaching for the tissues in an instant. 

And thats it, first blog done. Some honerable mentions before i go:

Elephant (Gus Van Sant)


The Devils Carnival (Terrance Zdunich and Darren Lynn Bousman)

Shortbus (John Cameron Mitchell)

So… See you next week 😀 xx